Teaching presentations

EuroProjects is an Erasmus+ project focussed on promoting research projects among intermediate and high school students.

One of the project’s results is this student’s guide. Its goal is introducing the key points of doing research to new researchers.

The guide takes the form of a set of 10 presentations, each one introducing one of those key points. The presentations form a sequence that guides the student from the initial steps to the presentation of its finished project.

0. Introduction to the students’ guide to research projects.

  1. First steps: starting your project.
  2. Planning the steps of your project.
  3. Finding information for your project.
  4. Literature search.
  5. Advanced search with Google.
  6. Questionnaries: what, why, when and how to use them.
  7. Experiment design.
  8. Data analysis: how to reach conclusions from your data.
  9. Writing skills: writing your research report.
  10. Presenting your project.