Trabzon, May 2022

Trabzon, Turkey

Our last and final mobility took place in Trabzon (Turkey). The main goals for C5 have been:

  1. To review and present some of the best research projects done by our students during the 2021-2022 academic year.
  2. To celebrate a couple of workshops on two key research topics: data analysis and project presentation.
  3. To present the Trabzon school methodology for guiding students from an initial idea to a finished project.
  4. To review and assess the results of EuroProjects and to plan actions directed at the completion of the project.

Cultural activities included visits to Hagia Sofia (in Trabzon), to Sumela monastery and to the Uzungol park.

As a final tribute to the great experience our Erasmus+ project has been to all of us, our partipating students have recorded what for them means the Erasmus experience: