Varazdin, March 2020

The main goals for C2 are:

  1. Introducing students into basic, key research skills and tools.
  2. Achieving a common view for the development of supporting documentation for helping students and mentors to develop their research projects.

Activities oriented towards the first goal are:

  • One-day workshop on information retrieval: students initially grouped by overlapping research topics will be provided with sample research topics, a list of promising sources, databases and search tools. Their results will be shared and assessed at the end of the workshop.
  • One-day workshop on how to assemble the outcomes of the previous workshop into a cohesive project: how to make a table of contents.
  • Tools for designing and carrying out surveys and questionnaires.
  • Tools for aggregating and presenting quantitative data.

Cultural visits have been organised in collaboration with academic departments that include them as part of the regular curriculum. Their expertise and pre-arranged visits will be integrated with the visits during the meeting whenever possible.