Roermond, November 2021

Resuming mobilities…

Roermond, Netherlands

After a year without mobilities due to COVID, we resume them with an encounter in Roermond. Initially scheduled for March 2020, it was evenually celebrated in November 2021 with renewed enthusiasm.

The main goals for C3 are:

  1. To review and present some of the research projects done by our students during the 2019-2020 academic year.
  2. Information skills. In Global Perspectives the perspectives are obviously very important. Search, analysis and synthesis of information sources will be practiced.
  3. Critical and independent thinking skills. Critical thinking includes reasoning, thinking about something in a clear and sensible way. Evidence should be reliable and credible and also be verified by the use of cross-reference. The final step in research is often drawing conclusions.

The hosting school arranged several outdoor cultural visits: Cuypershuis, the house museum of architect Pierre Cuypers, and the Rijs Museum in Amsterdam.